The Bail Report

The number of young people in juvenile detention, and the length of time that a juvenile spends in detention has increased dramatically in the past two years.

Government measures to lock up more juveniles, and for longer periods of time has not necessarily had the desired effect of reducing crime and reoffending.  In fact, it has led to overcrowding, placing juveniles at risk both in terms of their safety and in relation to their increased exposure to the juvenile justice system itself.

Since the decision to publish this report, the NSW State Government has announced a strategic review of juvenile justice policy and practice in NSW, and it is hoped that this report is taken into consideration in the review process and in the resulting proposals for reform.

You can download a copy of the report here:

Bail Me Out Report PDF




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What is the YJC?
The YJC is a network of youth workers, children’s lawyers, policy workers and academics who work to promote the rights of children and young people in NSW and across Australia.

The Aims of the YJC
The general aims of the YJC are:

  • To promote the rights of children and young people, including their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international human rights instruments;
  • To promote appropriate and effective initiatives and responses in juvenile justice, child welfare and other areas of law affecting children and young people
  • To ensure that children’s and young people’s views, interests and rights are taken into account in law reform and policy debate.

The YJC achieves these aims by:

  • Advocating for the rights and interests of children and young people in law reform and policy debate
  • Undertaking research
  • Consulting with children and young people
  • Providing community legal education
  • Conducting media work.

How did the YJC get started?
 The YJC was formed in early 1987 under the auspices of NCOSS to contribute to the development of new legislation for juvenile justice and child welfare.
 Today it is an independent body with close links to key government and non-government stakeholders.

Our Work
The following provides a brief overview of some examples of the ways in which YJC has undertaken its work:

  • Convening monthly inter-agency meetings to discuss legislative, policy and service delivery issues
  • The 1990 report Kids In Justice: a blueprint for the 90s – a report card on the juvenile justice system in NSW with over 200 recommendations for a better juvenile justice system. Funded by Law Foundation (2 year project)
  • The 1994 report Nobody Listens by YJC and YAPA examining the problematic relationship between young people and the police
  • Our successful advocacy for a diversionary scheme for juvenile offenders, which played a key role in the development of the Young Offender’s Act (1997) NSW
  • Our submission “Kids in the Maze” to the ALRC/HREOC Inquiry into Children in the Legal Process 1997
  • The 1998 youth participation project Let’s Make It Our Act an innovative response to the review of the NSW Care and Protection Act; which led to principles of participation being included in the preamble to new legislation. Joint project with SNYPIC - State Network of Young People In Care
  • The 1999 Report Youth Street Rights: a policy and legislation review by the YJC and the Community Law and Legal Research Centre (UTS)
  • Our 2002 educational video “Joe’s Conference” about youth justice conferencing
  • The 2002 report Young People’s experiences of the Young Offender’s Act NSW
  • Our 2003 YJC YAPA Shopping Centre protocol project
  • Our ongoing advocacy and research project on young people and fines
  • The development of a confidential youth complaints website in association with YAPA and the NSW Ombudsman’s Office
  • Participation in government committees such as the Juvenile Justice Advisory Council and ad hoc legislative review committees
  • Active engagement with Parliamentary Inquiries.

For more details about the work of the Youth Justice Coalition and media contact information please call Marrickville Community Legal Centre on 9559 2899.

Want to know more?
If you are interested in finding out more about the activities of the Youth Justice Coalition, or would like to become a member, contact:

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